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Laundry Room Art? Yes, Please!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Week 8: Spring 2022 ORC Reveal!

One of the things I love about the One Room Challenge is the ability to partner with brands to showcase their products in my project. I had the opportunity to work with Minted for this ORC to select and feature some of their beautiful art pieces in my newly done laundry room.

Minted offers a great variety of art from abstracts to florals and everything in between. With such a large number of beautiful pieces to choose from, it can be hard to start picking pieces and know how to coordinate different colors and styles of art. Whenever I'm trying to organize my thoughts and come up with a game plan, I find ways to visualize my selections so I can be confident in my choices. As I browsed through the Minted website, I grabbed images of the pieces that I was drawn to and pasted them into MS PowerPoint. I then scaled the images down, maintaining the proportions of the different pieces relative to each other. I also used my room wall color as the background for the images so I could assess how the art would interact with the major color in the room.

Here are some combinations I tried out - the first one is the most vivid with a healthy dose of florals. I really loved this combination and to me it felt like such a happy mix. The second combination was much more muted but had pieces that really spoke to me - a little moody, a little earthy and very artsy with a mix of photos and paintings. The final collection shown is what I ultimately ended up with with elements from the second collection but adding in pieces that were floral and earthy for a little punch of color. Through this process, I adjusted the sizes of the different pieces which would consequently adjust the dominant color seen from the grouping.

Minted offers a variety of frame and mat options for the art as well. While I could have mixed frame colors, I decided to keep all the frames gold to tie in with the faucet, shelf brackets and the metal insert in the cabinet doors that were already in the room.

Once my order was placed, each piece was shipped individually wrapped in the most careful packaging to ensure they all got to my door safely. I placed them all on the floor to see all the different pieces together and then started to plan my install. I decided I wanted to split some of the pieces so even though I created one large gallery wall, I added a couple of the pieces to the wall you see as you enter the laundry room and two of the pieces I placed on the shelves above the washer and dryer.

Check out all the views of the finished space!

If you wanted any of the exact pieces that I used in my space, I've linked them all below!

The addition of the art to the laundry room was the final detail and I'm so glad to call this space complete! Thank you to Minted and thank you to all of you for following along during this room makeover! Just for fun, a final before and after below - can you believe it's the same room?



As always thanks for reading! Until next time.


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