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How to Get Rid of Cable Clutter

The cable management solution you never knew you needed!

Last week I visited a friend who has been busy updating her home one area at a time over the past year. She recently had her house repainted and had new furniture delivered for her home office (the space we all need these days) and for her living and dining rooms. She asked me for input on how to accessorize her spaces to make them feel more cozy and I helped her pick out some decor pieces to do just that. As we talked through the different corners of her spaces, she mentioned that she would like a more visually pleasing solution to hide cables both in her living room but also her home office. There are plenty of cable management options out there to help manage cable clutter from plastic channels you can you attach to your baseboards to hide cords to more DIY friendly options such as modified boxes or baskets to conceal those wires.

As I searched for options for my friend, I came across an elegant solution by Luxe Design Co. A cable management box made out of wood that comes in three different finishes. I chose the black finish option and took it over to my friend's house last week to try it out. The box is a great size, large enough to house a power strip and additional cords. I especially love the magnetic close to ensure the box stays shut with no cables peeking through. The box has U shaped slots on either end for cables to enter or exit the box, keeping all that cable clutter within and concealed.

Her office is a gorgeous blue with an L shaped desk that actually converts to a standing workstation as well! The table itself had a couple of outlets for power but the cables for the monitors and laptop draped down to the floor adding to visual clutter under the desk. The room had such pretty details and the cable clutter was a detail that needed to be hidden to let the room shine.

We used the Luxe Designs Cable Management Box on top of the desk and ran a power strip from the outlet on the wall into the box. We then plugged in all the power cords from all the devices on the desk straight into that power cord having all the cables exiting the box through the slot.

Placing the box on the desk completely eliminated any cords from being visible below the desk. It was as simple as that. We adjusted the placement of the box on top of the desk to keep things neat and tidy and we even tried the box as a stand for one of the monitors to free up some desk real estate.

With this simple yet highly effective cable management solution, we eliminated entirely the mess of tangled cables that draped to the floor leaving the office with a visually clean look. It's the details that make all the difference!

Luxe Designs Co. also has a variety of other products to help with home office organization but this cable management box is certainly one of my favorites!

Thank you for reading Friends! Until next time!


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