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DIY Colorblock Vase

Updated: May 22, 2021

An easy DIY project to create a modern yet timeless accent for your home

I've had my eye on some decorative vases now for a while but I couldn't justify the cost for something that is so simple to create. The pictures below show my inspiration pieces from Serena and Lily and Etu Home, each with a price north of $100. I love the look of these color blocked vases - there's something about that chunky bottom section of white that says "I may be simple, but I am fabulous!" And so, in my true DIY fashion, I scoured the internet for a glass vase that had the shape I was looking for. The perfect short and stout glass vase candidate was available at Target! Perfect!

...there's something about that chunky bottom section of white that says "I may be simple, but I am fabulous!"

Taking my $20 find, I marked dots around the surface of the vase at the height that I wanted to tape off. I recommend using a fine tip dry erase marker to make these markings so they can be wiped away before painting. Then, with green Frog Tape, I taped just above the dots I had just marked and pressed the edge to create a tight seal. I then used a plastic grocery bag to cover the top and opening of the vase and secured the bag to the first taped line with additional tape.

In my garage, I placed the plastic covered vase upside down on some cardboard boxes so it was elevated off the ground. With the bottom of the vase exposed and facing up, I sprayed a light coat of Rustoleum white paint with primer. With spray paint it's best to keep moving and do light passes versus trying to get good coverage in one spot. I let the first coat dry for a half hour before proceeding to do a second coat. I recommend peeling the tape when the paint is wet otherwise, as it starts to dry, there's a risk that it will peel off the paint as you take it off the glass. Let the paint cure for a day or so before using your vase to make sure that the paint finish stays pristine.

How easy is that? Those are all the steps it took to create this timeless beauty. I love the look of this vase with long green stems and white flowers but I'm excited to experiment with different stems through the changing seasons.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY idea and that you'll be looking for vases in your home to color block too!

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